SWING (East Coast):

We teach a versatile form of Swing, a lounge style, which uses both 6 and 8 count moves, with a basic triple-step rhythm. This form supports a great variety of improvisation.

Beginning – Level 1
This course presents a basic dance of the most common 6 count swing moves, using triple step rhythm. Also introduced is the 8 count lindy turn. The techniques of leading and following, footwork and improvisation are addressed.

Intermediate – Level 2
Continuing the development of the basic dance as presented in level 1, this level introduces a variety of new 6 and 8 count figures. Footwork improvisation will also be introduced.

Advanced – Level 3
The emphasis in this level is on the creative and improvisational techniques of the dance. The figures presented in each section of this level are used to address advanced topics in Swing dancing, such as splicing and breaking. The techniques of alternative rhythm and syncopation are developed.

Footwork Fun– Jazz up your Swing or Lindy
Are you looking to take your Swing dancing to the next level? This class will develop ways to make your dancing more expressive. Various elements of how to spice up your footwork will be explored.



Beginning Argentine Tango: This course introduces the fundamental techniques and movement elements characteristic of the Argentine Tango. The basics of salida, caminar, and el ocho (forward & back) are presented. The traditional hold and the principles of leading and following with the body are developed.

Intermediate Argentine Tango: Fundamentals presented in level 1 are reinforced. Elements such as boleos, molinete, vueltas and calesita are introduced. Also introduced at this level are pasadas and sacadas. Working on the same foot (contrapaso) and cambio are developed.

Advanced Argentine Tango:  Elements introduced in the prior levels are combined in new ways to expand the working repertoire. Musicality and adornos will also be developed.

Because the content varies from session to session, this course presents students with the opportunity for continued study.

Composition, and the development of Traditional and individual style, partnering skills, floor craft and musicality are addressed at all levels.